kerr3 Matt Butt
Neshaminy High School  
Hey everybody!  This site was made to help you guys access my games and stuff easily.  Whenever I make a new game to help you learn Spanish 3 or 4 or even 5, I will simply post it in here.  Hopefully, this site will help you guys for the rest of high school. 
     If for any reason any of you need to type spanish characters, holding down the alt key, pressing 160 through 164, then lifting alt will give you accents or a tilde for all letters except é.  If you need that character, just copy it from here and press ctrl+v when you want to type it.  alt+173 will give you an upside-down exclamation point and alt+168 will give you an upside-down question mark.
     Good luck on the final, everyone!
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