Title: Earth Day

Grade Level: 6th/7th Grade


On April 22, 2004, the world will celebrate Earth Day. All over the world, different celebrations will be used to educate others about Earth Day and to help clean up our Earth. It doesn't really matter where a person is on the globe, or how they choose to celebrate Earth Day; the message is still clear: WE need to take care of OUR Earth.


-You are to be assigned one of three topics that you will research on a provided website.
-From this website, you will collect information onto an eWorksheet.
-In "expert" groups, you will prepare to present your information to the class, in preparation for the test that will follow presentations.
-You are given the opportunity to gain extra credit points through the Poster Project.


-Students are to work in collaborative groups of three.
-Each student will be assigned one of the three topics to research:
1) How Earth Day Started (One Man's Big Idea);
2)How People Celebrate (A Global Celebration);
3) Fighting Environmental Threats.
-Read the Time for Kids article on Earth Day, using the useful link below.
-Using the Earth Day eworksheet provided at the bottom of this section, collect and organize information about the assigned topic given to you.
-Students will then get into groups with the other students, who were assigned the same topic. Discuss the information you collected with your group, making sure all information is complete and accurate.
-Students will have the option to post their findings using the Poster Project. This must be done as a group. Each member of the group could earn up to 10 points! Click on the helpful link for the Poster Project.This will be extra credit.
-Students will then get back into original groups. Each group will then present their information to the class.
-After all groups have presented, a test will be given on the information in the Earth Day article.


-Students will be evaluated on their cooperation and effort while working in groups.
-Students will be graded out of 10 points on the Earth Day multiple choice test.
-Students will be given extra credit up to 10 points for posting their information on the Poster Project.
-See the Poster Project rubric link at the end of this section, or in the useful links section.

Use this rubric for the Earth Day Poster Project.This rubric will break down the information needed to gain extra credit by creating a Earth Day Poster Project.
Worksheet for Earth Day-Jigsaw Method Activity-An outline for each member of the group to fill out as the article on Earth Day is read. Use to collect important information.
eWorksheet For Poster Project Expert #1
eWorksheet For Poster Project Expert #2
eWorksheet For Poster Project Expert #3
Useful links
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