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Welcome to Mr. Kerzee's class page.  You can use this page to contact Mr. Kerzee, keep yourself up to date with your assignments (or your child's), and find links to interesting websites pertaining to language arts and social studies.

Welcome back to all my students!  I hope you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.  We have much to be thankful for in this country, and I hope you took the opportunity to reflect and give thanks.

Language Arts:

We will begin emphasizing the Daybook starting this week.  Please bring your Daybook to class starting on Tuesday, November 28th.

November 28th: a rough draft of your Cinquain is due.  A "Cinquain" is a five line poem with a specific format that we will discuss in class.  Your cinquain may be on any theme you choose.

On November 30th, there will be a Celebration of Knowledge on the following spelling words:
organization, fluency, conventions, dissect, immense, maniac, negotiate, necessary, reminisce, merciful, popular, dilemma, castle, orphanage, ovary, extraterrestrial, solstice, photosphere, astronomy, equinox, quasar, and noose.

You will notice that there are some words from the realm of science in this week's spelling list.  Thanks to Ms. Wolf for her suggestions.

December 1:  On Monday, I will distribute the "Paragraph a Week" assignment.  As always, your paragraphs are due on Friday.  This week you are asked to imagine that you are able to construct a time capsule.

This week we will each write a Cinquain and then decorate the classroom with our final drafts.

Social Studies:
December 1:
This whole week we will be working on our group projects revolving around music.  Depending on how fast we work, each group will present its poster on Friday.

Reading:  Reading elective will work on various short selections during the coming week.

Note:  Starvation is a huge problem in the world.  To try to tackle this problem, the United Nations has created a website on which you can donate (FOR FREE!!!!) a cup full of rice.  A cup is not a lot of food, but if enough people donate, it can make a big difference.  The food is paid for by corporations in return for advertising on the site.  The address for the website is in the Useful Links section of this classpage.
Useful links
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