Thunder Bay Junior High 8th Grade Science Teacher
                    Week of Nov. 10th

Monday:  Do Sedimentary/Metamorphic Rock review handout

Tuesday:  Correct Sedimentary/Metamorphic Review handout
               Do Igneoue Rock Handout
               Homework:  Pet Rock Project due tomorrow

Wednesday/Thursday:  Correct Igneous Rock Handout
                    Assignment Check for the Pet Rock Project
                    Review Part 2 of Pet Rock Project--Due Wednesday, Nov. 19th
                    Rock Review Lab
Friday:  No School-Parent Teacher Confernces

Week of November 17th

Monday:  Lab Quiz--Be sure to know how to classify the 3 types of rocks
              Start In-Class Project (Rock Bands)
              Homework:  Prepare for the Binder Quiz

Tuesday:  Binder Quiz
               Play Review Games to Prepare for next Week's Test
               Homework:  Pet Rock Project due (Includes Part 1 and 2-Rock Obituary)

Wednesday:  Do Test Review Sheet
                    Work on Rock Band Project

Thursday:  Review Rock Cycle
                Work on Rock Bands (Due Monday, Nov. 24th)

Friday:  Rock Cycle Game

Week of November 24th

Monday:  Turn in Rock Band Projects
              Work on Test Review Sheet

Tuesday:  Assignment Check-Test Review Sheet
               Test Review Games
               Homework:  Study for the Rocks and Minerals Test

Wednesday:  Rocks And Minerals Test
                    Start Vocabulary for Unit 3 (Not Homework, though-You will have more time in the future to finish--eenjoy your 4 day weekend)

Thursday/Friday:  Thanksgiving Break

***If you are having trouble accessing the online gradebook call 1-800-437-3715.  They will help you get your computer set up to view the online textbook. --Use to access games and practice test/quizzes--To access the textbook click "Online Student edition" and enter the access code:  FF1D546C9B

            1.  page 122 Mineral Composition (5 points)
            2.  page 124  Lunar Rock Game (5-20 points-depending upon effort and creativity)
            3.  page 148 Metamorphic Minerals (5 points)
            4.  page 152  Promotional Brochure (5-20 points-depending upon effort and creativity
            5.  Rock Candy Lab (10 points)  See me for directions.

Items Needed:  3 boxes of sugar cubes
                       Food coloring (red, yellow, blue-3 of each)
                       Ziplock bags (The cheap kind works fine)--gallon-1, sandwich -2,
                                 snack size-4
                       1 small package of sugar
                       7 containers of Salt
                       Plastic Peanutbutter Jars
                       Square Plastic baby food containers

Go Blue beat at least someone!!!! Please!!!!!!
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