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Welcome students & teachers!  Salvete discipuli et magistri!

This page is the home site which contains many links to other sites.  Since this page had gotten very long, I have subdivided it by levels.  You will find the Quia activities for each chapter at the links below.

Latin 1, sem. 1 (chapters 1-12)
Latin 1 , sem 2(chapters 13-24)
Latin 2 , sem 1(chapters 25-33)
Latin 2, sem 2 (chapters 33-45)
Latin 3 (Ecce chap 46-54, Hercules, Odyssey, Jason, Perseus & Caesar)
Latin 4 &AP (poetry background, Ovid, Catullus, Vergil)

LATIN FAQ'S: (credit to Tim Abney)

Useful links
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