kethird Katy Elementary Third grade
4th Six Weeks Newsletter
3rd Grade

The reading and writing emphasis for the fifth six weeks in third grade will be persuasion, where third graders will read fiction stories, as well as factual information such as news items or magazines. The comprehension skills highlighted this next six weeks will be fact and opinion, inferencing (includes understanding the feelings of characters), predicting outcomes, main idea and summarizing, and word meaning. Our students’ writing and language skills are being improved daily through the daily edit, Spalding phonics, and spelling. We’ve just about finished learning the basic multiplication facts 0-12. The banana split pictures that show the facts each child has mastered are beginning to be look complete. Please continue to practice and reinforce these facts every night, even after he/she has completed the banana split picture. The next math skills to be taught include division, geometry, and measurement.

Each class will also be reviewing reading and math skills in preparation for TAAS math and reading, which will be taken on April 11 and 12. It is important for the students to use the strategies they are being taught when completing work that addresses these skills. (Ask your third grader to explain the steps of # SQUIRM and math RUMORS.)

The focus in social studies the fifth six weeks continues to be the United States. We will learn more about the history of our country through the study of  migration (Oregon Trail) and immigration (Ellis Island). This next six weeks students will learn to name and identify simple machines in science.
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