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Wow!! Welcome to our new web page...

Upcoming events:

Monday:  Reading Buddies

Tuesday:  Mr. Buerk to supervise Mrs. Orwin...remember, "Mr. Buerk quiet!!"  Also, go VOTE!!

Wednesday:  First Grade field trip through the neighborhood for our new Social Studies unit about neighbors.

Thursday:  Library--parents, remind your students to remember their books!

Friday:  Music Day--bring in an appropriate CD or cassette to share with your friends.  We will be having a Music Party at 2:45 p.m.

we have snack time at 9:45 a.m. daily.  Please remember the goal is to energize the students for the morning...please send nutritious snacks--fruit, veggies, yogurt, juices, crackers, nuts, seeds (sunflower, etc).  For your child's health, please understand that Fruit roll ups are not really fruit...please consider this when your student is deciding what to bring.  NO CHIPS, DORITOS, or other "lunch/afternoon snack" food for the morning break.

We have had four cases of Chicken Pox in the past two weeks.
Be aware to watch for fevers, "rashes," and irritability.
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