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What are rocks?  What are minerals? A rock is a hard, naturally formed mineral or matter.  There are three types or rocks: igneous,metamorphic, and sedimentary.  Igneous rocks are created by the melting of molten lava.  Igneous rocks are usually found by volcanoes.  Today many igneous rocks are very useful in the construction industry because of its strength.  Metamorphic rocks are rocks formed by the different actions or pressure, temperature and fluids within the earth.  Metamorphic rocks are divided into two groups: foliated(Of or relating to rock that exhibits a layered structure) and nonfoliated.  The amount of foliation is used to classify rocks. 
Sedimentary rocks are made up of fragments of sediment that pile up in water and after hundreds of years harder together.  A sediment rock is formed when pressure is applied to these sediments.  Sediment rocks are often smooth with small bumps.
   Minerals are inorganic materials formed naturally in the earth.  Minerals are usually catergorized by their property.  Minerals usually have crystal structure and a hardness by chemicals.
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