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  My B-DAY is in 10 days!
Hey my name is Nicole, but all my friends call me Nicky or Sam. I'm 12 years old and going in the 8th grade. I have Blonde hair and Hazel eyes. My Boy Friend is Kevin Tester he's 12 like me and going in the 8th grade. We're both in band I play the clairnet and he plays the drums. Well that's all I have to say I hope you like the rest of my webpage. Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!! E-mail me if you have any comments or questions.

Here are some of my friends
that are Boy'z:

1~*Kevin Tester*
2~Chase Cubbage
3~Wesley Young
4~Weston Banton
5~Spencer Fincham
6~Wesley Tate
7~D.J. Lester
8~Justin McCoy
9~Qi Ju Guo
10~Travis Good
11~Kyle Kidd
12~Chad Beahm
13~William Campbell
14~Nick Andreade
15~Joee Stoneberger
16~And anyone else that I've Forgot!!

Here Are Some Of My Friends
That Are Girl'z:

1~Ashley Beahm
2~Brandy Lloyd
3~Wendy Good
4~Amy and Amber Pettit
5~Kara Greber
6~Katie Grimly
7~Casey Burke
8~Dawn Burgess
9~Sara Weakley(Buck)
10~Sarah Lester

Let me tell you a little about me.

My Fav. car is a: Mustang or Jeep in Red, Black or White.

My top 15 song are:

Ludicris~Whats Your Fantsy
Limp Bizcut~Rollin(Urban Assult)
Nelly~Ride Wit Me
MYA`~Case Of The EX
Ja Rule~I Cry(Boo Hoo Hoo!)
Destiny's Child~Sourivor
Dixie Chicks~Without You
Ja Rule~Between Me And You
Ja Rule~What Would I Be (Without You)(My baby)(Kevin Tester)
Chalie Daniels Band~The Devil Went Down To Georgia
3LW~No More
Faith Hill~The Way You Love Me
Ludicric~Phat Rabbit
Destiny's Child~Say My Name(?)

My Fav. T V shows are:
2.Two Of A Kind
3.Top 10 Count Down
4.Boy'z Meets World

My Fav. Color is Black

My Fav. food is Strawberries and candy apples/cotton candy

My Fav. grade is 7th cause we are the head of the school.

My Fav. Dance was last years Milliuim Dance(cause Kevin asked me out and we started going out that night.  I was so happy that I had gotten the courage to go out with him from my friends.)

My Fav. teacher Miss. Kelly Lawton(Band teacher 5th through-7th grade.) Plus she's moving to my high school next year.

My Fav. trip was the band trips that we took with my band teacher (Miss Kelly Lawton) and my boyfriend (Kevin Tester) and his parents(Kevin and Donna Tester.)

My 2 best friends are Ashley Brook Beahm and Brandy Nicole Lloyd.  We all play sports(espically basketball/run track) and have all been friends since 3rd grade.  Even though we all don't see each other all the time we still have fun and will always be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER at least to me.  I think that we will always be friends as long as we play sports and go places together.  Plus all of our parents(grandparents know and talk to each other like all the time that we all play at games, go to the same place, or come over each others houses. 

My boy friend is Kevin Alan Tester.  We have been going out for 1 year 2 months and 18 days and I hope that we stay together longer than anyone else(or just for the rest our our lives.)  I have liked him since the 4th grade and never got the courage to say (the one word) "YES" to him and finally I did in the 6th grade it took me two years to finally do it but, now I know that it was ment to be the way that it is now.  I hope that he is as happy as I am and if you are (Kevin) e-mail me at my hotmail and tell me.  Even though we may fight and sometimes get mad we still saty cool and talk to each other through the bad and the good.  It might seem hard for you to think that we're crazy but, if you get a good boyfriend/girlfriend you'll probably feel the same way that we feel about each other.  His and my family get along just fine and have never fighted or fussed about anything and hopefully never will.  Both of our families are very nice and easy to talk to/e-mail to and we are all treated just like one big happy family that lives in different houses, but not very far apart.  Conserdering that we are next door neighbor's which is really cool and like unlike anybody elses relationship.  It might seem odd but, it's fun to live so close and yet it seems sometimes so far away (to me).

My Fav. Moment is: When I was ask out to go with my Boy Friend Kevin.

Well that's all to know about me.

Hope that you have fun visiting and playing the other pages and games on my webpage and Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))
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