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Hey guys! Welcome to the unofficial and temporary Seton Catholic Key Club web site! Wahoo! Wahoo! I am so excited for this all to happen, and the cheapy little web page is gonna have to do for a little while. I just want to let you all know what the heck Key Club is and what the members will be doing. Okay? Okay.
In short, Key Club is basically a student based club meant to promote community service and awareness. what does that mean? It just means that we will be doing a wide variety of volunteerism. We will do things as a big group (for example cleaning up a rundown park, working at Paz de Christo..) or you can do individual things. Volunteer hours won't be required, but they'll be strongly encouraged.
Key Club has been approved and we have a moderator. However, this club will definately be run by the students. If everything works out the way administration wants it to, there will be no such thing as required service hours at Seton anymore. Instead, they want to highly encourage group sevice projects. They actually might do something like require one projest a semester or something, I'm not sure. This way people can voluntee with their friends and have a good time too. But if this works, administration wants to have the Key Club be the leaders. So we'll  (Maybe 4 or 5 each time) get to lead the groups on these projects rather than the teachers doing it! Not everyone has to lead these things if they don't want to. It will be primarily by choice. This club is so great for eveyone. If you are a leader and like to take charge this club is great. And if you're kinda quiet and just want to help out, that's cool too!Thee is no limit to the size of this club and it is open to EVERYONE. Key Club is a great thing to put on your college application, and if you rally love it, you can continue on through college and even after you graduate.
I haven't really been able to set any meetings yet because thee are still a few kinks we need to get straightened out, but we should be starting within the next few weeks. Most likely after Homecoming. I need to know what times and days would be most convient for veryone. So just talk to me at school or email me ( You're also welcome to call me (480-831-5423) So start looking for some flyers around campus and keep checking this page for updates!
I hope to see you all!

God Bless!
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