keytwo Mrs. Joan Koepp, Business Teacher
Amite High School  
Welcome, KEYBOARDING WARRIORS        October 17, 2001


Today's assignment:
Review for test.
Click on the Daily Internet Activities below to answer the questions.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Lesson 1 Vocabulary MSWord
If you want to play concentration or word search use this site to learn your vocabulary terms.
Lesson 1 Word Vocabulary
If you want to play hangman use this site to learn your vocabulary terms.
Spacing With Punctuation Marks
Go to this site to take the quiz on spacing with punctuation.
Business Letter Format
Learn Parts of a Personal/Business Letter
Lesson 1 Word Vocabulary
Beginning Terms to MS Word
Unbound Report Games
Review for Unbound Report Test with these games.
Glossary I
Terms you need to know for word processing.
Abbreviations You Should Know
Know these shortcuts!!
Useful links
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