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Main purpose of this page is for nontraditional and traditional students to practice Polish language.

Reference books for Polish:
Hugo Polish in 3 months by Danusia Stok (isbn:0-7894-4217-5)
Teach Yourself Polish by Nigel Gotteri & Joanna Michalak-Gray (isbn:0-8442-3704-3)
Colloquial Polish by B.W. Mazur (isbn:0-415-00078-5)
Langenscheidt Pocket Polish Dictionary (isbn:0-88729-109-0)
Hippocrene Polish Dictionary by Iwo C. Pogonowski (isbn:0-7818-0282-2)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Polish Nouns 1
Polish Basic Expressions
Polish Personal Pronouns
Polish verb byc' (to be) in present tense
Polish Vocabulary 1
Polish Language; definition of cases
Plural nouns in Polish (Nominative Plural)
Polish Adjectives 1
Polish Possessive Adjectives
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