B6 Zoology 2 Sem 2
Madison Central High School Zoology Instructor
Zoology I

Welcome to our survey of the Kingdom Animalia!

ATTENTION!!!!! Since you do NOT have a textbook YET, (We may get them later), you MUST check out the soon-to-come links at the very bottom of the page for information on our current unit, (or past units when you have to make them up)! They are excellent sources of information from legitimate university website pages. It would greatly behoove you to read these as they are available.

In this first unit, you will be studying the Principles of Zoology.

After this first unit, a complete survey of the phyla which make up Invertebrata contains a study of multiple classes of vertebrates which we will study. These start with the sponges, and will end with the echinoderms. Make sure you READ through all of the PowerPoint notes at the bottom of the orange page very carefully, and review them repeatedly, especially those of you who will be out for school trips. Please read all pertinent info regarding absences below.

The icon for the homework, which should be done using all notes and info available other than friends, is labeled, "Unit I Zoology: The Nature of Zoological Principles". The Challenge Board is also located at the bottom. Go ahead and do the Challenge Board as often as you can, and I will then post the homework quiz, which will be due right before the test. Fall semester is a time when many activities are taking place. Take note: The homework quiz is due before MIDNIGHT the night before you enter class to take the test,WHETHER YOU ARE HERE OR NOT. ABSENCES WILL NOT EXCUSE YOU FROM THE ONE ASSIGNMENT YOU HAVE FOR EACH UNIT UNLESS YOU HAVE A MULTI-DAY MEDICAL EXCUSE. If it is not completed by the time you ARE SCHEDULED to take your test, you will NOT receive credit for it. Make sure you take your time on homework, and USE the PowerPoint and your notes, once we finish the unit. I will not post it until PowerPoint until the unit is nearly complete. Also, please make sure you take advantage of the useful link info at the bottom of the website page.

Please feel free to contact me at any time VIA EMAIL. My email is listed on my site, here, as well as in the teacher contact area of the mcjags.com website. Do NOT call the school. I rarely have the time to check the phone in the lounge, where most teachers check voicemail. Good luck! Remember, studying, and NOT MEMORIZING, is the key to being successful in this course!

Mr. H

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