khcsmath Mrs. Sharon Martin
Killian Hill Christian School, Math Dept.
****** Welcome to Mathmagic Land!******
I am experimenting with this web page in order to put it into practice for the 2000/2001 school year.
So... it is still "UNDER CONSTRUCTION"!

This week you are taking standardized achievement tests.
I hope you are trying your best as pleasing to God.

Algebra 1 (8B & 8A) :
        p. 409 / 1-32 is due on Friday
               with work shown or written explanations
               of your method of obtaining your answer.
 (Since this was assigned last Monday, 3/20,
   I hope you are giving it the time it is due.
   Remember, it will count more than
              just a homework grade.)

Prealgebra 7A :

   Quiz on 5 area formulas and their usage on Friday, 3/31.
      Don't wait until Thursday night to study!!!

     Bring something to do all week due to Senior trip.
     (Pray for the Holmes family.)

Advanced Math:

     Bring your review sheets to prepare for Calculus.
     (What a scairey, yet wonderful thought, huh?)

All Classes:
     If you have some neat math websites you think we would have fun with, or that you think would help some students, email the site address to me and I will check them out.  They may appear here!!

Have a good week and I hope this site will help you :-) !
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