khlanguagearts Mrs. Harris
Lumpkin County Middle School  
November 13, 2000
Below is a list of the things we will be covering this week in language arts.

DOL #14 (1-10).  These will be completed and checked daily.
If you are absent, these will not have to
                 be made up.

Spelling #14.  This lesson will be collected and graded on
Thursday.  Please have yours completed and

Grammar: We will be studying various types of verbs this

Monday: Action verbs,transitive,and intransitive
                verbs. pages 368-371.
Tuesday: Linking verbs & predicate words.
                 pages 372-375
Wednesday:  Past & Present tenses
    pages 376-377
Thursday: Main verbs and progressive forms
  pages 378-381
Friday:  Perfect tenses
pages 382-385

Essay:  Students will be peer-grading three essays.  The
        essay grades will be averaged and that averaged             grade will be the essay score.

As usual, we will be having the routine spelling test and DOL test on Friday.

Take care and have a nice week.
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