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Traveling to Spanish Speaking Country Project.

1. You will work in groups of two.

Due: April 17th     2. You are to plan a two week vacation to a Spanish speaking country.  Your travel must originate from Killeen, Texas.  Countries will be determined through a drawing.

Things to consider when planning your vacation.

a) what is the history of the country
b) what is the climate like
c) what time of year is best for traveling to the country
d) do I need a passport and visa to travel to my chosen country and how do I obtain a passport and a visa.
e) how am I going to get to the country and how much will it cost
f) how will I get around once I get to the country by bus, car, train, taxi and how much would each cost
g) where will I stay and how much will it cost
h) what is the monetary unit of the country called and what is the exchange rate
i) what type of government does the country have
j) are there any special holidays that I might want to be aware of
k) what is the capital city of the country and are there other cities I might want to visit
l) are there any museum or other things that I might want to visit in the various citiesI will be staying in
m) are there any special events taking place that I might want to visit such as a soccer game, bull fight, flamenco dancing, or festivals
n) where are the best places to eat and how much will it cost me
o) are there any traditional foods I might want to try
p) where can I find a map of where I am going
q) are there any other languages spoken I might need to be aware of
r) what types of religions are in the country
s) what is happening in the news of the country that I will be going to
t) where might I shop in the country and what are some things I might want to buy and bring back with me
u) how much money do I need to take with me
v) what will the weather be like when I travel
w) what are some words or phrases I will need to know for dining, flying, lodging, going to the restroom, etc
x) what are some customs or traditions I need to be aware of before going
y) what do the places I will visit look like(pictures, photos)
z) if I get sick where can I go for help
aa) what is the geography like of the country
bb) what holidays are there of the country
cc) Recipe from section 5 in Spanish and English

3. What to turn in:

a) a portfolio of all the information that you have collected (#2).Due April 17th

Due: May 11th       b) a typed itinerary of your trip to include the following information:
1. when you are leaving and how long you will be staying
2. how you are getting to and from the country? What is the cost in dollars and the monetary unit of country
3. where you will be staying in at least four different cities or towns in the country and cost of each hotel, motel, or hostel.
4. places you plan to visit, things you plan to do in each city and the cost of each
5. where and what you plan to eat while staying in each city and the cost
6. how you are going to get around and the cost
7. things you plan to buy and the cost
8. what you will be taking with you
9. a brief description of the places and events you plan on attending
10. a working list of 200+ vocabulary words and phrases that you found

Due:  May 18th     c) a dialog of two to three pages pretending that you have visited the country and you are discussing the trip with your partner.

Your dialog must include the following grammatical things:

-present tense
-preterite and imperfect tenses showing a knowledge of the difference between the two tenses
-subjunctive tense
-future and conditional tenses
-use of direct object pronouns
-ser and estar
-adjectives showing agreement of number and gender
-question words
-possessive adjectives
-affirmative tú commands
-negative tú commands
4. A bibliography of where you got the information-Do not PLAGIARIZE

Example: Adams, Eleanor B. A. Biobibliography of Franciscan Authors in Colonial Central America, Washington, 1953.

Due:  May 18th       5. As part of your project find a recipe for one of the foods you plan on eating, prepare it and bring it to class on the due date.

6. Point break down

Final grade will count as your final exam grade (20% of your overall grade)
- portfolio = 200pts and test grade
- itinerary = 100pts and test grade
- dialog = 100pts and one test grade and one oral proficiency grade
- bibliography = 50pts
- partner evaluation = 50 pts.
- prepared dish = 100 pts.

total pts = 1000

Your final exam is based on 600 pts. of the 1000.  The other 400 pts. are points that you will receive upon completion of each section of the project.

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