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Well hello again! Thanks for visiting! Have you checked out the sites in the links section? Check out the ones about Japan. Africa sites will be coming soon. Don't miss them!

Reminders for this week....June 11,2001

      Field day is Thursday! Dress in cool, comfortable clothes. Don't forget to wear sneakers! Don't bring your lunch, we will be having a cookout. Thursday will also be game day. Bring a board game or game boy to share with your friends.
Math test for chapter 10 will be on Friday. Review the definitions in your notebook.
Be sure to keep writing entries in your writers notebook. I noticed some people have been missing entries. Poems can count as an entry, but it must show some effort. Remember that school is IMPORTANT! Homework has to be a priority. Try to get it done on the way to all of your activities. Check back at this site for updates every week.        

     Here are our rules. Read them over frequently!

  1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
2. Treat each other with respect.
3. Do what you are asked.
4. Raise your hand.
5. Do Your Best!!!!

If your homework is worth is worth doing well! free time.

  I hope to see you at this site again soon! Bye!
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