kindergarten Mrs. Meile
Cathedral Grade School, Kindergarten C.G.S. Kindergarten Teacher
Important Dates:
Kindergarten Field Trip-Eckert's Farm
                       Oct. 25,1999
                       Time: 12:15-2:30p.m.
Carve Pumpkins with 8th graders-Oct. 27
Halloween Costume Parade and Parade on Oct. 29
Students will wear costumes to school(apply make-up at home). Send painted shirt and pants in brown paper bag. Halloween party starts at 2:00p.m.

Parent Involvement:
Please practice Astro's words in shoebox. We'll be testing for 1st quarter report at the end of this month. It's important you review skills and read to your child on a daily basis.

Practice writing words on line paper. Write number from 1-30.

Kindergarteners are off to a great start this school year. I like how they are coming into the classroom on his/her own.

Remember to ask your child everyday"Tell me something good that  happened at school today."

You are welcome to eat lunch in the cafeteria or help out during lunch recess.  I appreciate your cooperation and help.
       Mrs. Meile
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