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Durant Intermediate School 6th Grade EARTH Science
January 21-25

     Your child should have a science folder by this time.  In it should be several activity pages, lesson objectives sheet, and a record sheet of their progress to this point.
We often have teacher-guided assignments which should be graded and in the folder for your review. 
     I rarely give assignments that require assistance from home during the week.  Recent changes in student-work habits and increases in parent and student outside-the-home-activities do not give high percentage returns on after-school assignments. In simple terms: for the last several years, the trend is for students to not return to school with outside assignments.
     Be perpared to assist your child with test prep and special projects.  Please encourage you child to read as much as possible.  Not just science, but any type of reading. 
     The science text is a supplement to my class.  As I tell my students, "science is not in a book".  Please understand that science literature and the science language are important but are only part of the process we know as science. When it is available, we use the book to strenghen our class work.

Mr. Kitchens

Monday:  Measuring Density of Solids
Tuesday:  (review)
Wednesday:  (review)
Thursday: TEST
Friday:  Introduction of the EARTH's INTERIOR

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