kjhpe Mrs. Kirk or Coach
Katy Junior High  
Our volleyball season is rapidly approaching the end.  We have several exciting upcoming events.  Oct. 22nd we are going to cheer the Rice Owls as they face Hawaii.  We are also planning our end of the year party.  It is schduleded for Sun. Oct. 22nd and the girls always have a blast finishing up one season and preparing for the next.  We are rotating through volleyball, softball, and volley tennis units with our P.E. classes.  We will be breaking soon for P.E. Basketball tryouts so that we can evaluate any 7th and 8th grader who is interested in trying out for the basketball team. Our 6th graders will be involved in extensive volleyball and basketball units this year to allow those interested the opportunity to learn the basic skill expected for tryouts as 7th graders
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