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Katy Junior High 7th Grade Texas History
During the third six weeks we will take a field trip to the Outdoor Learning Center.  The field trip is planned for students to become engaged in activities covering both science and Texas history.  While there, we will participate in several activities which were necessary to function on a daily basis in the early- to mid-1800's.  The science portion of the trip will focus on plants native to the Texas area.  The trip is planned for November 28, 29, & 30.  More details will follow!

While in the classroom, we will cover information from chapters 10 - 12.  The six weeks will begin by continuing our look at the frontier life of the early Texas pioneer.  We will analyze the settlers trip to Texas, getting started on the frontier of Texas, and the skills required to survive on a day to day basis.  We will then begin our look at the Texas Revolution.  We will focus heavily on the causes of the rebellion and factors leading to our independence from Mexico.  The six weeks will conclude with the battle for the independence of Texas.  Emphasis will be placed on the battles in San Antonio, Goliad, the Alamo, and San Jacinto.  We will study people such as Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, William B. Travis, James Fannin, Juan Seguin, Santa Anna, General Cos, James Bowie, Davy Crockett, David Burnet, Lorenzo de Zavala, Susanna Dickenson, and others.

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