kjohnston Ms. Johnston
Glasgow Middle School Chameleon Social Studies and Language Arts teacher
Hello Chameleons!
    November is here already and before we know it Christmas break will be upon us.  Before this time we have a lot of goals to accomplish. Below is the outline that we will be following:

~Social Studies~
    We are beginning the Early Americans.  This is the
    first Unit in our book.  I will still be having daily
    quizes on the sections that we covered in the
    previous class.  The test for Chapter 1 will be             November 30th.  When we get
     into the second Chapter, we
    will be working on a group project creating our own
    Indian Villages.  For this project, I will have days
    that the groups can work together after school.  More
    information will come when the time is closer.

~Language Arts~
    In Language Arts we are working on a Unit called
    "Changes."  The students will be reading and working
    no vocabulary with the stories and poems that go with
    this unit.  We also have a long term Historical Fiction
    project that the students are working on.  With this
    project each child must read a book and complete
    different projects that go along with it.  This is a
    fun project for them, as they get to make many choices
    about it on thier own.  Our goal is to have all of the
    rough drafts done and edited by December 11th.  We are
    in the Computer Lab during this time and can use it to
    produce their final drafts.  A final due date will be
    set the beginning of December, after we see how the
    students are progressing.

** Don't forget our trip to Hemlock.  This will take place
  on November 28th.  This trip goes beyond the school day,
  so please be sure that you see the letter that we sent
  home containg times and final requests.
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