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Welcome to Kristy's Biology Home Page!

Hey Biff, Hey Steve! Check out the quizzes and java games that I created to help us study. The following is an outline of how I think we can break up the chapters for our next test. We can each create a quiz and flashcards for the terms and material in our designated chapters. Just e-mail the URL!

Chapter 4 - Kristy

Chapter 5 - Biff

Chapter 6 - Steve

Since we are meeting on Thursday at 2pm, lets plan on having our quizzes and flashcards done by Monday so that we have a chance to take them and go over the flashcards too!

See you thursday!


PS: Check out the challenge board game I put together!!!
It is pretty cool!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Basic Quiz (kkohler)
Chapter 4 - amino acids
Basic Quiz (kkohler)
chapter 4 - amino acids
Challenge Board (KKohler)
Chapters 4, 5, and 6
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