klingelecluster Mrs. Lange
St. Patrick's 4th grade teacher
Hi Class!!

Welcome to our website!

Something nice to visit is a site sponsored by the United
Nations at   www.thehungersite.com    It shows countries
where people are starving and how you can donate food at
no cost to you to help out.  Try it!

For Educational Activities, try www.discoveryschool.com and
see what they have to offer that interests you!!!

Remember to keep reviewing your state locations and keep
singing the Fifty Nifty United States!  Try tracing a blank
map and put the states in the correct location.  This is an
important skill to learn that you will use the rest of your
life. You never know where you might end up living some day.

Mrs. Gretchen Merritt will be taking over the class while
Mrs. Lange is on maternity leave.  She is Mrs. Boyer's

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