kowen Mrs. Owen
East Cobb Middle School 7th grade Spanish

I hope you are having a good year so far! If you're worried about falling behind in Spanish, study with a friend or come in at 8:30 for a study session. :)
Hasta luego,
Mrs. Owen


9/7  Workbook p.5 ... don't turn in yet!
9/8  Workbook p.6 ... turn in on Monday, Sept. 11

9/11 STUDY!!! (months and numbers)
9/12 Workbook p.7... don't turn in yet!
9/13 Workbook p.8... turn in
9/14 Workbook p.9... don't turn in yet
9/15 Workbook p.10 and 11...turn in p.9,10 and 11 on Monday, Sept. 18
Try making flashcards at home, with your Spanish vocabulary on the front and the English translation on the back. Practice with a sibling or friend!
Be sure to study the spelling of the words as well as the meaning. Accent marks are very important as well.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Primer Paso Concentration Game
Primer Paso, pg. 10 vocabulary activity
Primer Paso hangman game
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