kperry Mrs. Perry
Oconee County Elementary School 4th grade teacher
May 6

I know I have the end of the school flurries.  Again I forgot to update this page!!!! 

Social Studies-We will finish up the next two weeks on the Civil War.

English-We took our test on adverbs last Friday. I am hoping that the students did well.  If not we will focus on the skills that were most difficult for them.

Spelling- This is our last week with the spelling words from our reading series.  Next week the words will come from Rebecca Sitton. The words are from the story Stonecutter. The students will do the pages that go along with these words.  Wordly Wise students have completed their book. I am proud of them.  This was a hard assignment all year.  The words they have this week are somewhat difficult.  Most of them will come from our story this week. The spelling words for the rest of the class are from the stroy we will read next week.  We are a week ahead in our spellers.

science-Our moon sheets have not been very successful!  The students will turn those in on the date its due.  We are still working on the Solar System.

Math-We are working on 2 different chapters for each of the two groups.  Decimals and 2 digits times 2-4 digits for group 1 and decimals and dividing by 2 digit numbers for group 2. The students are doing great on both of them.  As soon as I told them that our money system was based on the decimals they have picked right up on it!!!

Our field trip is on Tuesday.  This should be a fun trip.  I hope everyone saw the Enterprise last Thursday.  What a great picture of those students.

The students voted to have an icecream party with 50's music for the end of the year party.  I have a parent who will be in charge of this.  If you can help, please let me know.

Keep the students reading.  They can still earn those prizes.  A big thank you to all the students on Friday.  We had a great hat day and a even longer recess.  The money raised will go to the Relay for Life. 

See you in school
Mrs. Perry
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