kpulliam Mrs. Pulliam
Cumberland Elementary School First Grade Teacher
Hi! We have a busy week ahead!

We had a wonderful surprise visitor this morning!  Mariah's Grandfather Butler from Holland came to see us!  He brought some money from The Netherlands to show us and to explain how their money system works.  It is very similar to our US money.  The children asked him some very interesting questions and we learned a lot!  

Word Wall Words:  car, ride, feet, if, dog

On Monday, we finished up writing our stories to go with our "Patterns" we made in Math. 

In Gym, we are finishing up our unit on Gymnastics!  Tuesday will be our last day on the Gymnastics equipment.  We have been getting all "5's" in Gym class. 

We are learning more about writing good sentences with a complete thought.  We are writing stories that have a beginning, middle, and end.

We wrote "December" sentences with our Word Wall Words!  Santa had some very interesting things happen to his feet!
The children are getting very good at writing sentences.
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