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Stone Bridge High School English and public speaking teacher
Welcome to Stone Bridge High School
                      Mrs. Thompson
                         Room 301
              English 10/Public Speaking

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Period 1  English 10              Period 1  English 10
Period 3  English 10              Period 2
Period 5  English 10              Period 4  Public Speaking
Period 7                                Period 6  English 10

For the Week of September 25:

English 10--

Discussion:  Our World According to C.S. Lewis
Anyalzing Sysems of Societies (p.4 in booklet)
Comparing and Contrasting Malacandra and Thulcandra-using  
   Venn diagram (p.3 in booklet)
Considering the price of individuality

Examining logos and slogans
A look at language:  denotation and connotation
Writing a persuasive essay
Building a Web Site @ www.geocities.com

Public Speaking--

Presentation of Who I Am Speeches
Introduction to formal speaking:  The Informative Speech
Short video on 10 steps to preparing a talk
Library for research--Topic:  Disease or ailment
My Quia activities and quizzes
Vocabulary: Chapters 1-4 Out of the Silent Planet
Useful links
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