Introduction to Shakespeare Tara Kubalok Grade 6 Literature Activities Summary: This lesson will look at the life and times of William Shakespeare. It will also give an introduction to his major works. Objectives: The students will be able to recognize the major works of William Shakespeare. The students will be able to read a passage and confirm understanding. Standards: Performance Indicator ELA1.I.LR1A: Students interpret and analyze information from textbooks and nonfiction books for young adults, as well as reference materials, audio and media presentations, oral interviews, graphs, charts, diagrams, and electronic databases intended for a general audience. Materials: Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare Shakespeare, Module 1: Intro to Shakespeare Strategies: To support recogition learning I will provide multiple examples. For example, to learn how to read Shakespeare I will have a student basic paragraph and then a paragraph reworked into the Elizabethan way of writing. To support Strategic Learning I will use Multiple Media formats. Students will listen to a passage read to them from Romeo and Juliet and then read it out loud themselves to learn the language. To support Affective Learning I will allow the students to choose to learn the play Romeo & Juliet in their own way. They may choose to read a passage of the play, watch a passage performed in a movie or act out a passage themselves. Method of Technology Integration: Students will use the internet to research information on the life and times of William Shakespeare. Opening Activity: The opening activity will be to watch the video Shakespeare: An Introduction by United Streaming Video. Savings Plan: Students will use their eWorksheets to save researched information to share with the class. Procedure: .Watch video .Discuss video .Research life and times of Shakespeare on internet. .Read passage of Romeo & Juliet .Discuss passage and theme of play. .Journal entry on Shakespeare. Closing Activity: Students will write a small paragraph summarizing a passage in the play Romeo & Juliet Assessment and Evaluation: Students will express understanding of the passage by correctly relating theme and facts.
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