Papillion LaVista High School Spanish 1-3 instructor
Honors Spanish 3

Semester Finals Review

Review for your final by:
1) Checking your finals review: Finals Review Key
2) Doing any of the Quia games below to review vocab & grammar
3) Reviewing vocabulary on Quizlet...there's one list posted called Finals Review
4) Review grammar topics further with the links at the bottom of the page
My Quia activities and quizzes
S3 U2L1 negative tĂș commands
S3 U2L1 Nosotros commands
S3 U2L1 Formal Commands
S3 U2L1 Formal and informal commands
S3 U2L1 Formal & plural commands giving directions
S3 U2L1 Formal and Informal Commands
Avancemos 3 U1L1 Acampar (parte 1)
Avancemos 3 U1L1 Acampar (parte 2)
Avancemos 3 U1L1 Acampar (parte 3) Otras expresiones
Avancemos 3 U1L1 Irregular Preterite Hangman
S3 LP Saber vs. Conocer
S3 LP Ser o estar: La historia de Angel
Useful links
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