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There are examples of the perfect tense. Here are some examlpes of the grammer rule for the perfect tense:

For The Perfect Tense:

A person should use the perfect tense perfect tense when they are saying or writing something done in the past or an act that was already preformed, something already finished .
For something that was previously preformed these would use endings like this:
         -i                              -imus
         -isti                           -istis
         -it                             -ierunt
If you would like to find out the perfect stem for the desired word, you would first look up the root word in the back of your Latin book, or from a Latin dictionary if you had one.Then when you find a base of the word you want, you find the third form of the word,such as the base word olfacio, and then select the third form of the word, which would be olfeci, and that is how you find the third form of the word.  

Here are some examples of Latin words in the perfect tense:

1. Luxi          Luximus          2. Duxi         Duximus
   Luxisti       Luxistis             Duxisti      Duxistis
   Luxit         Luxierunt           Duxit        Duxierunt

3. Intravi       Intrsvimus
   Intravisti    Intravistis
   Intravit      Intravierunt
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