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                        Mrs. Doyle, Teacher
Happy Easter!

Testing begins Monday, March 12th.  Make sure you get a full nights sleep and eat a good breakfast.

All Make up work is due MArch 15th!  No Exceptions!!!!

March 19th - 23rd
LArts:  Read "All Summer In a Day" from Literature book.
Answer Making Meaning questions.
complete #2 on page 324.
complete vocab study on page 325.
Reading:  Read chapters 1-5 from Pinballs
Enrichment:  spelling unit 1, poetry cover illustrated and colored

March 26th- 30th
LArts:  Read "The Gold Cadillac" from Lit. book
Complete question 1-5 and 9 on page 353.
Complete #2 and #4 on page 354
Reading;  Complete comprehension questions ch. 2-6, vocab ch. 3-4, Activity 2b, Father/child chart.
Enrichment;  Spelling unit 2

April 9th-April 14th
LArts;  Read "The Bracelet", answer questions from page 363, complete reviewing the text on page 363 with a rough draft and final copy, complete #3 on page 364.
Reading: Read ch. 7-10 and complete questions and vocab in Pinballs.
Enrichment:  I AM poem, spelling unit 3 due April 16th.
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