lacatrina1 Senora Weisman
Deerfield High School (DHS) World's Favorite Spanish Teacher

In this part of the video we meet Jamie Gonzales and her friend Felipe Armstrong they just graduated from highschool in LA and they are going on a trip to a city in mexico called Queretaro.  Jamie's father's family is from there.  Jamie is interested in her great grandmother named La Catrina.  

Jamie is supposed to live with the navaro family and before the family met her they thought that her name was Jaime and that she was a guy.  The parents were very excited for Jamie to live with them but the son Carlos didn't want to share his room with some strange guy.  

When Jamie got there the the family saw that she was a girl and they didn'y really like the idea of her living with them because they didn't want a "scandal".  Carlos was very happy with the suprise.
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