lacatrina10 Senora Weisman
Deerfield High School (DHS) World's Favorite Spanish Teacher

In this part Jamie went to the library and Roqelio told her that he the previous night somebody tried to rob the library and Demetrio got hurt while stopping him.  Demetrio then told Jamie that he had to talk to her about her great-Grandmother.  He said that Don Silvestre's Grandpa was La Catrina's lawer and that he stole all of her land after she disappeared and that La Catrina's will says that Jamie is the owner of all of Don Silvestre's property.  He gave her the will.

Jamie told Carlos about this and they both went to La Jacaranda to look around.

That night after watching a TV program about the day of the dead Jamie had a crazy dream and La Catrina had braces.
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