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In this part Jamie goes to the Nevaros' house and she spent the night there.  In the morning Carlos'parents decided that they did not want a scandal and that Jamie could not stay with them any more.  They didn't know where they were going to have her stay until carlos mentioned Maria's name.  The parents then decided that they were going to have Jamie stay with Carlos' best friend Maria Linares.  

Later on, Jamie meets Maria and they go to summer school together.  There, they meet Paco Aguilar the son of Don Silvestre Aguilar who is a powerful man running for a position in congress.  

The following scene takes place at the Queretaro Library between Demetrio and Santana.  During this dialogue Demetrio tells Santana that he is doing a good job and that he should keep on following Jamie.  Demetrio seemed very excited when Santana said that Jamie wanted to know more about her great grandmother named LA CATRINA.

The final scene is in Don Silvestre's car and he is driving past Linares residence.  His driver pointed out the house.
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