lacatrina3 Senora Weisman
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At the begining of this part Jamie and Maria decide to go and visit Carlos at his family's restaurant called Arcangel.  Carlos said that the chilaquiles (the house special at Arcangel) was the best food on the menu.  While at the restaurant Senor Nevaro gets a fax that has a picture of La Calevera Catrina on it and with the word Cuidado or be careful written on it.  

After they finish eating they go for a walk and they pass up the Casa de la Corregidora or what used to be the house of the governer's wife (now offices).  During the revolution secret meetings were planned by the corregidora at the house.  They then continued to an antique shop.  There they talk to the owner about Catrinas and he shows them a picture of Jamie's great-grandmother.  Jamie asks if he knows anything about her and he says no but he tells them that Demetrio Alcocer at the library knows a lot about her.  The library was closed so they decided to go to a city called San Miguel De Allende.

There, they went to a clothing store and Jamie bought a shirt.  At the store they are being watched by an employee of Don Silvestre.  After they leave the store they go to a hotel called LA JACARANDA to eat.  The hotel is owned by Don Silvestre.  At the same time Don Silvestre was talking to his helpers about the will of La Catrina.
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