lacatrina4 Senora Weisman
Deerfield High School (DHS) World's Favorite Spanish Teacher

In this part Don Silvestre threatens Demetrio and says that if he tells Jamie about La Catrina's will then he will make it so Demetrio doesn't get his pension.  When Jamie comes in Demetrio was very nervous and he tells Jamie that he doesn't know if he could find any information on La Catrina and that he would have to look to see if he could find anything and for her to come back later.  (He lied to her.  He had the information but he didn't know if he should tell her because of Don Silvestre's threat)

Later on, back at the school, Jamie meets up with Filipe and she introduced him to Maria.  Maria asks Carlos if he wants to go swimming with her and Jamie.  He says OK but he needed a towel and a suit.  He also tricked her and said that he couldn't swim very well.  While they were swimming Maria invited Filipe to a party for the exchange students.  Santana was there looking stupid and wrote down "FIESTA" in his notebook.
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