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In this part carlos asks jamie to go to the market with him to but two kinds of veggis:

-  Stuff for the restaurant
-  Stuff from La Hacienda La Jacaranda

When Jamie went to get veggis for the restaurant she noticed that it was blackish on some parts, but the lady at the stand said that it had a very good flavor.  When she was at a different stand she noticed that the corn there was perfect (in terms of appearance).  However a lady at the stand told her that it looks good but it tastes bad and it is contaminated.  

She bought the Jacaranda corn and took it to Carlos's friend at the university to be tested.  After that Carlos and Jamie went to the Health office to look at regestered complaints about La Jacaranda.  When they got there they saw that it was closed, however a friend of Carlos worked there and was there at the time and he let them in.  

In the health office they found many regestered complaints about La Jacaranda but the most interesting thing was the owner of La Jacaranda was listed as Dona Josefa De Gonzales "La Catrina"!!!
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