lacatrina9 Senora Weisman
Deerfield High School (DHS) World's Favorite Spanish Teacher

In this part Maria still has a cold and she and Jamie went to the doctor.  While Maria was with the doctor, Jamie saw a man who was there due to the contamination at La Jacaranda.  His wife was really mad and she ripped a campaign poster for Don Silvestre off of the wall.  Maria came out and said that the doctor told her to get a lot of rest, take asprin, and to drink orange juice and tea with lemon. 

When they were walking home they ran into Filipe who arranged a date with Maria.

Later, Carlos, Filipe, Jamie and Maria went to a conference about pollution and while they were there Paco came up to Jamie and told her to be careful and one of Don Silvestre's trained sunglass wearing apes knocked her books off of her desk.

When they were walking home they saw emergency vehicles outside of the library and they found out that Demetrio got hurt.
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