lamlish Mr. Lampert and Mr. Lish
Jamestown High School American Studies Instructors
Hey there!

Thanks for accessing our new American Studies homepage.  This site is designed primarily as study help and review for our course and the upcoming Virginia SOL in American History and English.  Please use the resources below to help you to prepare and review.  Thanks,

Mr. Lish and Mr. Lampert
My Quia activities and quizzes
American Studies Challenge!
Gameshow mania!
Puritan Hangman
Don't commit the sin of guessing wrong!!
Native American Tribe Matching
Where did they live??
American Revolution & Constitution Matching Game
Match the important events that led to the creation of your country.
Pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary War Period
Test your knowledge of American Revolutionary history.
Constitutional Crisis!
Play these various games to help you remember key events that describe the U.S. Constitution
The Constitution Era
Test your knowledge of the U.S. Constitution
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