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My Quia activities and quizzes
Ex 1A Commands
Ex 1A Commands Matching
Ex 1A Spanish-speaking countries
Ex Pre Test Review - Commands and Spanish-speaking countries
Ex 1A Greetings, asking names, goodbyes
Ex 1A Greetings, asking name and how someone is. Text p 1-6
Ex 1A Quiz p 6 and p 8 Greetings and Goodbyes
Ex 1A Review Quiz Text p 6-10
Ex 1A: Challenge Board
Review Test 1A
Exprésate 1: Geocultura-España
Ex I Ch 1A Vocabulario - Descriptive adjectives
Capítulo 1B Números 0-30
Ex 1B Telling Time
¿Qué hora es?
Ex 1B Subject Pronouns and forms of SER
Capítulo 1b Days and Time)
Capítulo 1b Days, Dates and Seasons
Capítulo 1a and 1b Prueba
Ex 1B Challenge Board
Review Test 1B
Ex 2A Numbers 30-100
Ex 2A Plurals
Ex 2A Expresate
Ex 2A Vocabulary Review
Ex 2A Quiz Review - Vocabulary p 44-45
Ex 2A question words
Ex 2A Answering questions negatively
Ex 2A Negative verbs
Ex Ch 2A question words and vocabulary
Ex 2A Challenge Board
Ex 2a Test Review
Ex 2B Vocabulary
Ex 2B Vocabulary
Ex 2B Me/Te gusta/n
Ex 2b ¿Cómo es/son?
Ex 2B Multiple Choice - Gustar
Ex 2B ¿Por qué? porque
Ex 2B Translations with all forms of gustar
Ex 2B Challenge Board
Ex 2B Possession with "de"
Ex 2B Test Review
Ex 3A Vocabulary
Ex 3A Quiz 3A Vocabulario p 82-83
Ex 3A Pronouns
Ex 3A Forms of Querer
Ex 3A Expresate Q and A
Ex 3A Challenge Board
Ex 3A Test Review
Ex Midterm Exam Review Spanish I
Ex 3B Vocabulario
Ex 3B Vocabulario
Ex 3B El verbo IR - Multiple Choice
Ex 3B AR verbs, JUGAR, IR
Ex Quiz 3B - Vocabulary and Expresate p 94-95
Ex 3B Weather Expressions
Ex 3B To go and to play
Ex 3B Multiple Choice AR verbs
Ex 3B Verb forms
Ex 3 Rags to Riches
Ex 3 Rags to Riches II
Ex 3B Challenge Board
Ex 3B Challenge Board II
Ex 3B Test Review
Ex 4A Challenge Board
Ex Ch 4A Vocabulario
Ex 4A Tener y Venir
Ex 4A Cuanto/Mucho/Poco
Ex 4A Expresate
Ex 4A Review Test
Ex 4B Verb Practice
Ex 4B Vocabulario
Ex 4B ER/IR verbs
Ex 4B Irregular verbs
Ex 4B Quiz - p132-133
4B Practice activities
Ex 4B Challenge Board
Ex 4B Review Test
Ex 4B Makeup points
Ex 5A Review regular and irregular verbs
Ex 5A vocabulario
Ex 5A La Familia
Ex 5A Possessive Adjectives
Ex 5A stem-changing verbs - o-ue
Ex 5A Stem-changing verbs e-ie
Ex 5A Verb Review
Ex 5A Possessive Adjectives
5A o-ue/possessive adj
Ex 5A Challenge board
Ex 5A Test Review
Ex 5B Vocabulario
Ex 5B Vocabulario
Ex 5B Prepositions
Ex 5B new verbs
Ex 5B Quiz Review - house, prepositions, new verbs
Ex 5B Negative Words
Ex 5B Challenge Board
Ex 5B Review Test
Ex Final Exam Review 1
Ex Final exam review 2
Ex Final exam review 3
Ex Final Exam Review 4
Ex Final Exam Review 5
Ex I Final Exam Review - Writing section
6.1 Expresate p 198
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