lampert10 Mr. Lampert
Jamestown High School English Teacher
Hey, hey, hey!!

Thanks for accessing my 10th grade website.  This site is designed to help you to study in many respects, and there are a number of fun things hidden somewhere within the body of the site's text as well (ooohhh... aaahhh...)

I hope that it helps you.

- Mr. Lampert
My Quia activities and quizzes
Poetic Meter Matching and Memory
Poetic Meter Help
English 10 Challenge!!
Gameshow Mania!
Famous Authors/Poets Hangman
Learn 'Em While You Save a Life
Jumble-ricious Groova-funktionary!
Fun stuff for Mr. Lampert's bored students...
Authors and Titles Matching
Who wrote what, and what's by whom?
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