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Steps toward an Earth Science Project

By following the outlined steps, an Earth Science project about Landslides can be completed.  All information will be found on the related links at the bottom of this page.
 *Prepare a new folder on your desktop to hold the pictures and text you have collected. Name this folder "Landslides". (Later, these files will be used to complete your Power Point presentation.)
 *To save an image, rt. clk. on the image, highlight and clk on "Save image as", save into the landslide folder you have made on your desktop.
 *To save text, highlight the desired text, rt. clk. "copy", open a new office document, & rt. clk. "paste". Save this document in the landslide folder on your desktop.


I. Background  use link #1

  A. 5 types of Landslides
     1.  Debris Flow (definition & picture)
     2.  Mud Flows  (definition & picture)
     3.  Solifluction  (definition & picture)
     4.  Rock Falls  (definition & picture)
     5.  Soil Creep  (definition & picture)

  B. Slope Stability
     1.  Natural Forces
     2.  Landscape Features

II.  An Active Landslide

  A.  Kelso Region use link #2
     1. Upper Region (description & picture)  use link#3
     2. Lower Region (description & picture)  use link#4

III.  The Effects of El Nino  use link #5

  A.  Map of area in California
     1. Santa Cruz County damage
     2. Alemeda County damage

IV.  Monitoring Systems use link #6

  A.  Woodway, Washington site map  use link #7
     1. Daily rain fall  use link #8
     2. Landslide movement  use link #9
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