language55 Mrs. Greene
Carvers Bay Middle, Language Arts Dept. Language Arts 8B Instructor
Welcome Parents and Students:

This web page was designed to assist with questions and concerns about units of instruction being taught, homework assignments, and upcoming events.  I hope you find it to be informative, as well as interesting.

Weeks of March 12 through 30
Persuasive Writing
Recognize and use propaganda techniques
Acknowledge and identify various points of view
Recognize author's point of view
Write to persuade
Debate selected topics

Make a frequency table of persuasive techniques
Create newspaaper articles and editorials
Participate in a debate
Write a story from a different point of view
Write a persuasive composition
Write a persuasive business letter
Complete PACT Practice Test

Homework:  Identify and record propaganda techniques observed on television
Write a letter to parent or guardian convincing them to increase your allowance

Assessment: rubrics, informal observations, individual
and group work, and participation
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