languagearts7 Ms. Harris
East Hanover Middle School grade 7 LA instructor
Monday, February 19th and Tuesday, February 20th - no
                school - enjoy the days off!

Wednesday, February 21st
    Objective: Students will use sensory language to
                describe a piece of hard candy.  We will
                generate a list of adjectives and then use
                those adjectives to write a paragraph
                describing the candy.    
     Homework: Chapters 12 through 18 of Belle Prater's Boy
               and the corresponding chapter organizers are
               due on Monday, February 26th.  The quiz will
               be Tuesday, February 27th.

Thursday, February 22nd
     Objective: Students will complete a quiz on chapters 6
                through 11 of Belle Prater's Boy.  When
                finished, students will create a word bank
                of sensory adjectives to be used as a
                resource when doing extended writing.
     Homework: See Wednesday.

Friday, February 23rd
     Objective: Students will identify a favorite place to
                describe using sensory language.  Students
                will then complete a pre-writing activity
                to generate ideas and descriptive phrases
                to be used in a descriptive paragraph.
     Homework: See Wednesday.
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