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Red Jacket Middle School French 7 professeur
Bienvenue  à la classe de français!

This webpage has several activities and games to practice vocabulary and structures learned in class. You can practice with flashcards, play concentration and matching games, challenge friends and classmates with "Jeopardy" type games that record a score. There are also some links to internet activities that you can do using websites in French or about different cultural topics. E-mail me and tell me how you like the activities and games, which ones are your favorites? Do they help you study and memorize basic vocabulary and cultural facts? Amusez-vous bien! Enjoy! Mme Hildebrandt ___________________________________________________________
My Quia activities and quizzes
DF-Bleu Review 1
Les Copains et la Famille
DFI Bleu Unité 2 Les Copains et la famille
Les Photos d'Isabelle
Les Nombres 1 - 100
DFBleu Quiz - Units 1 & 2: session french 7 quiz 1
DFBleu Unité 3 Lecon 9 Bon appétit!
French Holidays and Customs
Useful links
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