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by William Faulkner

This is a short story written by William Faulker. The characters involed in the story are Emily Grierson, the main character, Homer Baron, her sweetheart, Colonel Sartoris, the former major of Jefferson and her servant, the negro. The plot of the story is in a form of flashbacks, wherein it starts from Emily's death, past life, until the description of her death.

All of us have its own fears. Fears that sometimes could not avoid and perhaps we just let it linger for we sometimes are afraid of resisting. Like Miss Emily Grierson fear of loosing her love ones. Her beloved father Mr. Grierson and Homer Baron, who stand as her guidance through the years. Homer Baron as her lover and also who gave self-confidence to continue her life eventually. These two people serve as her great influence in her life. When her father died she was at the right age and started to went out very little until her sweetheart, Homer Baron deserted her for a long time, people hardly saw her at all. But after weeks past her sweetheart back in town assisted by her servant and this was the last they saw Homer Baron. Along the story you will notice that she killed her sweetheart for the reason she might leave her again and she's afraid of loosing another man that she loves very much.

Every one of us is experiencing difficulties in life. We just need to learn to face and solve our problems. Also we are the one who decides for the kind of life we are living. Compare to Emily she chooses to be alone despite the fact many neighbor ladies tried to call her. The death of Emily is full of sadness because she died without love, the love of loving person. As the title implies "A Rose for Emily" which love for Emily.

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