lantis2 mark Joseph
  AMA-QC student
SiTe AnAlYsIs

As the very first campus to have e-learning here at AMA Computer College. A new form of education merge, which makes education more interesting to students like me. This is a virtual classroom composes of students of different places as the instructor. The interaction between them are simple, the instructor ask questions and if anyone wants to answer just clicking the hand up button and answer to the microphone.

Compare to the e-learning1 to previous. The enhancement is obviously seen, the design of web page, easy access, and it gives new information regarding of concerning on education. Many activities are added, like making a web page, reaction on some stories, which must placed on web page. Even though we just attended few meetings because of unexpected calamities, and rally activities. We manage to cope up and try to start the things we need to do.

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