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First, congratulations on choosing Latin. A very good choice! This course is a long haul, and a lot of work, but once you have Latin, you get to "converse" with some of the greatest minds and personalities that ever lived.

Be sure you are aware of the information in the syllabus

Here is your Disce Latinam! dictionary

Guide to First Test is here

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THIS JUST IN......OFFICE HOURS Herter 529 M-Th 11-12

Betty Crocker is here!

Guide to Final is in hoc loco

My Quia activities and quizzes
Caput 01 Who's Who at the Shop
Caput 01 The Folks in the Big House
Caput 01 The Brady Bunch and Parts of Speech
Caput 01 Vocabulary
Caput 02 Verba Discenda
Caput 02 Vocab and Form Building
Caput 02 Verbs Lectio Secunda
Caput 03 Verba Discenda
Caput 03 Endings practice
Caput 03 -- Odds 'n Ends
Caput 03 Nominative and Accusative #2
Caput 03:
Caput 03 Nominative and Accusative #1
Caput 04 Personal Endings
Caput 04 Things you need to know
Caput 04 quiz Betty Crocker for Forming Present
Caput 04 Verba Memoranda
Caput 05 Verba Memoranda
Caput 05 prepositions
Caput 06 More endings practice
Caput 06 Review of all cases to date
Caput 06 Verba Memoranda
Caput 07 -- mālō
Caput 07 -- nōlō
Caput 07 -- possum
Caput 07 -- vōlō
Caput 07 Conjugating verbs all 4 conjugations
Caput 07 Verba Memoranda
Caput 07 -- Irregular Verbs
Caput 08 Principal Parts All sorts
Caput 08 Principal Parts
Caput 09 Verba Memoranda
Caput 08 Verba Memoranda
Caput 08 Expressions of time
Caput 08 Betty Crocker for Perfect Tense
Caput 09: Quis millionum suum cupit?
Caput 09: Suus, -a, -um on the high seas
Caput 10 Dative Case
Caput 10 All Noun Endings 1st and Second
Caput 10 What endings???
Caput 11 Vocabulary
Caput 12 Using your Principal Parts
Caput 12 Verba Memoranda
Caput 13 Third Declension Name that GNC !!!!
Caput 13 3rd declension, all genders
Caput 13 Verba Memoranda
Caput 14 Verba Memoranda
Caput 15 Verba Memoranda
Caput 15 GNCing 3rd declension adjectives
Caput 16 All tensed up!
Caput 16 Betty Crocker for Future
Caput 16 Two four six eight -- Everybody conjugate.
Caput 16 Present or Future?
Caput 16: Verba Memoranda
Caput 17 Present Participles
Caput 17 Verba Memoranda
Caput 17 Name that GNC!
Caput 17 Case use for Participles
Caput 18 Betty Crocker for Forming Imperfect
Relative Pronoun -- Battleship!!!
Caput 18 Relative Pronouns More Challenging (Copied)
Caput 18 Verba Memoranda
Relative Pronoun
Caput 18 Relative Pronoun Forms (copied)
Caput 18 Vocabulary
Caput 18 Relative pronoun Pop Up (copied)
Caput 18 Relative Pronoun Fill-In
Caput 19 Betty Rocks! Pluperfect and Beyond.......
Caput 19 Verba Memoranda
Caput 19 Vocabulary
Caput 19 hic, haec, hoc GNC (copied, modified
Caput 19 Hic, haec hoc as substantives
Caput 19 hic haec hoc (copied, modified)
Caput 20 -- Irregular Comparatives and Superlatives #2
Caput 20 Tense Practice
Caput 20 Vocabulary
Caput 20 Verba Memoranda
Caput 20 Irregular Comparatives and Superlatives
Caput 21 Review Forming Present
Caput 21 Present and Future Passives
Caput 21 Verba Memoranda
Caput 21 Ablative of Means, Future and Present Passives
Caput 22 Verba Memoranda
Caput 23 All about the 4th and 5th declension
Caput 23 4th Declension endings
Caput 23 4th and 5th -- by their endings you shall know them
pluperfect, future perfect, 4th and 5th declension...
Feb 2 Quiz on first three declensions
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