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Katy High School  
Latin I Calendar

Mon..5/7 Obj: to learn history and culture of Roman Empire
      1) complete "City" video
      2) learn mythology via Perseus & the Gorgon video
        Complete activities on Perseus & Medea and P & Andromeda
MEMENTO: last vocab prac due today; all vocab prac assigned since progress report grade sheet must be turned in no later than Tues. 5/8-no credit after that date

Tues.5/8 Obj.: practice sight reading and comprehension
Act.: (1)read and answer questions on "A Dangerous Outing" and, if time, "An Unusual Occurrence."

Wed.5/9      Obj: learn Greco-Roman mythology
     Act.:(1) view Orpheus & Eurydice (2) listen to Offenbach's music for same

Thurs.5/10 Obj.:as above
         Act.: (1) view Daedelus & Icarus (2) complete activity on D & I

Fri.5/11 Obj.: practice sight reading and comprehension
          continue as on Tuesday
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